DadLHIpicI have been providing thorough property inspections as Landmark Home Inspections since 2003. After years of being a licensed contractor, I have gained hands on knowledge of how the home is put together, as well as how the systems and components work together in a home. I always take the time to answer questions from first time home buyers as well as experienced home buyers to explain issues and concerns in an easy to understand manor. This allows you, the client, to make an informed decision on the property based on the information and knowledge obtained from the inspection. I encourage clients to be present at the time of the inspection in the event any questions do arise. I also invite you to bring forth any questions or concerns that may come about after the inspection or even after you have moved in.

A professional home inspection is your best tool when it comes to making the most out of your home investment. Whether you are buying or selling, an objective, professional inspection will provide you with important information that you can use. If you’re buying, you want to know that the home you’re considering is safe and sound. You also want to avoid unwelcome and costly surprises. If you’re selling your home, you will need to make full disclosure of any and all deficiencies. You’ll want to know what, if any, repairs to make so you can market your home most effectively. Whichever side of the, “For Sale” sign you’re on, a quality home inspection is essential.

Scheduling a home inspection prior to investing in a property is a wise decision. It can reveal issues and potential concerns which in most cases can be negotiated prior to closing. Home inspections can help you save thousands of dollars and can be important to a seller prior to listing their home. A home inspection can reveal potential issues which can be resolved before listing or disclosed to help market and price the home properly. It also can help take away some of the stress from selling your home.

A detailed and easy to understand report complete with color photos will be part of the home inspection. Issues and systems needing repair or service recommendations and suggestions for improvement of current conditions are also part of the inspection, and inspection report.